Science Ambassadors


Science Ambassadors

The primary role of the Science Ambassador is to nurture and develop the awe and wonder for the world in which they live. At Stockton Wood Primary School, we believe the teaching and learning of science is key to understanding the world around us and to help prepare our children for the future. We have chosen 2 children from each class to be science ambassadors. Our children are very proud of their role and they wear their badges with pride!

Their duties include:

· Working with the staff and the children across the school supporting, helping and leading others.

· Taking on specific roles across each half term for instance gathering pupil voice, organising science competitions and leading experiments in ‘Off Topic’ Science Day.

· Raising the profile of science in school.

· Developing their leadership qualities.

· Creating a buzz in school and instilling a passion for Science.

· Pupil voice is then fed back to Senior Management and Governors.