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Restorative Practice @ Stockton Wood

We promote restorative practice at our school.

The aim of Restorative Practice is to develop community and to manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships. This is our priority as a restorative school, as we see ourselves at the heart of and serving our community.

Restorative Practice statement of intent summary

General Parent Information – school activities

Keeping Children Safe at Stockton Wood!

Staying Safe Online – information for parents:

Only access online learning from a reputable organisation or individuals who can provide evidence that they are a safe organisation and can be trusted to have access to children. 

Find information and support here

Internet matters,      London Grid for Learning,        Net-aware,              Parent info,  and the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Report concerns here:   Thinkuknow

Staying safe

Be vigilant and be aware of children’s online activities and use of social media.

Who is your child communicating with? What are they playing or watching?  Is it violent? Is it abusive? Have you observed any changes in your child’s behaviour after playing on line games?  Are the children falling out and saying in appropriate and unkind things to those they are playing with?  Can you help children resolve their falling out on line?  Help your child stay safe online – be vigilant.

Share this message with your children: Take positive action

Help make the internet a more trustworthy and respectful place…

Remember that the online world is for everyone so always treat others with respect. If you see anything online that worries or upsets you, use the block and report buttons to take positive action to stop it and tell an adult what’s happened. By working together, we can make the internet a better, more respectful and more trustworthy place.

Helpful information for parents – click on links below:

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Tik Tok