Welcome to the EYFS information page at Stockton Wood Primary School

Stockton Wood Early Years Ethos

Providing a Language Rich environment is at the heart of our Early years provision. Our team aim to ensure children can learn in a fun, engaging and safe way with purposeful adult interactions supporting the learning. We strive to provide the children with opportunities that will widen their knowledge of the world and broaden their cultural horizons. We work hard to ensure that our pupils grow in confidence and self-belief and develop a love of learning as we start our journey laying the foundations for life.


Our Early Years team work tirelessly to ensure that the learning opportunities they provide for the children are safe, stimulating, well organised and fun. Staff consider the need of the children, their interests and their stage of development and use this to help them plan challenging and enjoyable experiences across all areas of learning and development.


At Stockton Wood we celebrate diversity and strives towards an appreciation of our world and all who inhabit it.

The three prime areas: Communication and Language, Personal, Social & Emotional Development and Physical Development underpin everything that we do. In line with the current framework, staff focus on having daily, quality interactions with the pupils to help to build their language, confidence, curiosity, and ability to relate to others.

As pupils move up into Reception we have a greater focus on the teaching of phonics, writing, reading and maths to prepare them for Year 1.


At Stockton Wood, ongoing assessment is an integral part of the learning and development processes. Staff observe pupils to identify their level of achievement, interests and learning styles. We are constantly striving to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

Nursery Curriculum Overview

Reception Curriculum Overview