Maths in Everyday Life

More Maths in Everyday

Money updates

  • New pound coin 


new pound coin – the details 

withdrawal old pound coin

  • New ten pound note

launch-new ten

new ten pound note – the details


When have you used Maths today?

Numeracy is the ability to use mathematics in everyday life. As part of the ‘Liverpool Counts’ Numeracy Quality Mark we have asked key members of our school community to share some of ways they use maths in their jobs. Click on the links below to find out more.

Poster 1 Mr. Youds – Site Manager

Poster 2 Mr. Wilson – P.E. Teacher

Poster 3 Ms. Shea – School Cook

Keep watching this space for more examples … “When Have You Used Maths Today?”

Poster 4 Mrs Kelly – School Cleaner

Poster 5 Ms. Fong – Welfare Assistant

Poster 6 Mrs. Stevens – Pupil Administrator

Poster 7 Mrs. Andrews – Finance Officer


BEAT THE STREET – maths in action